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EvolutionaryGoddess Project ♥ would love to hear from you!


Ways to Give Back with the Collective Empowerment Initiative:

  • Write an Article  –  Write what you Think will Educate, Inspire and Empower the Collective! 
  • Share your story! – Share your Wisdom, Poetry, Victory story! 
  • Donate! –  We appreciate the Love and Support – Any monetary amount is an Act of Gratitude and Kindness! 


Contact + Collective Empowerment Initiative

Feel free to contact EvolutionaryGoddess Project ♥  with a question, comment, inquiry! If you are interested in EGPs Collective Empowerment Initiative and want to submit an article for this site. Please use this contact form, by submitting your file in a Word Document format. Please note, we prefer  your article to  be your own  original material for consideration. Articles can be submitted per our contact form below  and attached in  an MS Word document.


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