7 – Crown Chakra



7th Chakra = Crown or Sahasrara Chakra



Sahasrara (Sanskrit: सहस्रार, IAST: Sahasrāra, English: “thousand-petaled”) or crown chakra is the seventh primary chakra, according to Hindu tradition. (source: wikipedia)

The Guru chakra of “All Knowing – Knowing Self”, that duality is illusion and the ‘other’ is seen within and hence ‘is’ an aspect of the Self. That one does not need to look outside of one self to know, see, hear, or be sacred, divine, enlightened or god-dess.  Every mineral, every planet, every aspect of nature as seen on Earth and the Cosmos is within our physical bodies and a higher spiritual level of consciousness.

Color: Purple
Foods: Incense and smudging herbs like sage, copal, myrrh, frankincense, and juniper

Foods + Exercises Opening the Way to Higher Frequencies: Detox and Fasting using high energy, live, organic non-gmo whole foods such as alkaline greens (spinach, chard, kale, collards, dandelion greens, field greens, avocado, granny smith apples) and raw juicing, water fasting, meditation, yoga, qigong and pranayama (breath work)




The crown chakra is one of the higher chakras. It begins the mystical journey into higher frequencies of being. Attainment of one’s crown chakra opens up higher consciousness and oneness and divinity. It is a collective soul consciousness. A chakra of compassion and cooperation. Selfless service or Karma yoga.

According to Tantric philosophy, the seventh chakra is both a receiver and giver of energy and consciousness. It receives energy to sustain life and it gives back the personal energy to unite with the collective pool of consciousness.

It is the meeting point between finite (the body and the ego) and infinite (the universe and soul).

It is the place where time and timelessness intersect and where death and eternal life meet.

The thousand petal chakra embraces an attitude of gratitude for one’s life. (source: Chakra Anatomy


Complimentary Gemstones for the Crown Chakra

Amethystgemstones2Amethyst, The Healer Stone

Gem of Fire (Transformation) carries the energ of love, passion, royalty, loyalty, balance of higher and lower chakras, creativity, spiritual attunement and attainment, faithful love, logic, sobriety. Amethyst stimulates the brow or third eye chakra, crown and etheric energy bodies. It brings all chakras into alignment.

Amethyst expands the higher mind and allows one to see the divinity within self and all things in harmony on the physical plane. It is a powerful stone for creatives, inventors, composers, writers, poets, for financial matters it brings fortune and balance of wealth. It brings a strong sense of calm, relaxation and peace, relieves stress and negativity.

More Higher Frequency Stones for Alignment 

Clear Quartz, The Purifying Amplifier 



Clear Quartz amplifies energy!  It is used in microphones, watches, computers, televisions, electronics to transmute and transmit energy.

Like all crystals a quartz can be programmed with intention. Quartz brings clarity of mind, strength of mind and body, alignment of energy centers and bodies, it is a stone of death  and rebirth. A gem that is used by doctors, healers, artists, writers, teachers, musicians, inventors. It stimulates immunity, circulation and metabolism. It is a cleanser and purifier.


Selenite, Divine Light

Selenite-Crystal-Skull-02Selenite a gypsum stone for mental clarity, wisdom, divinity, honesty and truth. It is a higher frequency stone for angels, expanding psychic energies and gifts. It is associated with the moon, intuitive, cyclical, rhythmic, lunar cosmic forces in nature.

This stone can be used to communicate with Spirit Guides, telepathic, psychic awareness and past life work healing and energy raising.

Selenite helps to remove blocks and bring spiritual love, harmony, fertility and kundalini raising to higher chakras.


Diamond, Power Stone 

diamnond_crown_2-8-carat-9mm-round-brilliant-cut-loose-moissanite-Carbon-based gemstone that is the strongest mineral found on the planet Earth. Today the diamond is valued as one of the most precious stones. It represents protection, royalty and power. Diamond also symbolizes the Sun holding the rainbow of light within its spheres.

It stimulates creativity, spiritual power, courage, fearlessness, psychic development, love and fidelity, and one living truth. It is a symbol of wealth and abundance and amplifies intentions and goals.

Diamond unifies body and mind to fulfill spiritual purpose. It helps to stimulate higher frequencies of the crown and etheric bodies. Diamonds are natural prisms taking in light of the Sun and dispersing it into energy fields.  Transparent, Unbreakable, Strongest, Transformation to Higher Self, Strength of Character, are a few words diamond stands for.

Nurturing your Crown Chakra

mudra_crownMudras are signs and symbols of hands used to create energy within the body. The fingers are mapped to planets, organs and meridian points of the body. Mudras cultivate and stimulate energy to flow and release stagnant and dormant energy.


This Mudra is called Akasha
This is the seventh and most spiritual chakra. It encircles a being’s wisdom and being one with the universe. Sit cross-legged and lay your hand before your stomach. Let the little fingers point up and away from you, touching at their tops, and cross the rest of the fingers with the left thumb underneath the right, as shown in the picture above.
(source: Sargam Mishra, mudras)


Asanas for the Crown Chakra 


Savasana or Corpse Asana (Pose)

Three good Crown chakra yoga poses are Corpse pose, Lotus or Half Lotus pose, and the Headstand.

Savansana (Shavasana)  (shah-VAHS-anna)
sava = corpse

This pose is usually the very last pose or sequence after a yoga session. It is said that one ‘receives’ in this pose the necessary healing one intends from their practice. It is a neutral position and important pose.

Lie on your back with your feet spread slightly apart from each other. Put your arms at your side with your palms facing up, your fingers curling naturally. Eyes closed and body fully relaxed. You can focus into your heart chakra or brow chakra and breathe deeply with intention.


  • Relaxes your central nervous system and calms your mind
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Relaxes your body
  • Decreases beta brain waves and shifts to slower brain waves
  • Reduces insomnia and helps improve your sleep
  • Reduces headache and fatigue
  • Helps relieve depression
  • (source: GaiamTV)


 Sounds + Frequencies – Key of B 

 crown chakra resonating bowls – B frequency 






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