Sun Salutations

“Surya Khepra Fire Rising Meditating on Unconditional Love in this Sacred Earth (such a Beautiful Planet, the winds soft grace, a butterfly fluttering as eye ascend to the Earth in asana at this sunrise, we are singing our freedom resonating unconditional heart love seeing this World in True Oneness) Knowing the True Power of My Divine Feminine Form heart emoticon So much Gratitude Love Awareness for All in this Now” ~ Ria Sweetraw Takharu

Embodying the Sun

The Sun is the Fire element in nature and can be embodied from within the heart and solar plexus chakras. From the Hindu perspective the solar plexus is the center of personal fire and will power, a center of self where rage or radiance is communicated throughout the inner body and the outer world. From the Qabalah Tree of Life, the Sun is the beauty center where the Heart resides. It is the highest form of spiritual attainment where mastering one’s heart is to master the lower (chakras) and higher chakras of the Self. In ancient Kemet (Egypt) this was the priestess and priestly  teachings of the God Tehuti (Toth) and the Goddess Sesheta (Seshat) mastering the lower domains of the Earth (underworld) and the Heavens (cosmic) principles of matter and the psyche. Sesheta, the Akashic Scribe through her knowledge and wisdom of the cosmic stars and sacred alchemy gave immortality to the “pharoahs” by writing their names on the Tree of Life this metaphysical cosmogony of As Above, So Below

Sesheta Hymm, The Book of Coming Forth by Day and By Night (Book of the Dead, Pert Em Heru)

My heart is with me
and it shall never come to pass
that it shall be taken away.

I am Nebt en Abw.
I live in Ma’at
and I have my being in truth.
I live by my word
and my heart doth live.

I am Sesheta, the seven horned one;
namer of names, keeper of the akashic records,
mistress of the library,
Goddess of writers and scribes,
she who dwells in the heart,
who dwells in the centre of the body.

I live by saying what is in my heart,
and it shall not be taken away from me.

My heart is mine,
and it shall not be wounded.
No terror shall subdue me.

I have committed no sin against the gods;
I shall not suffer defeat;
I shall be victorious.

I open the door of heaven.
I govern my throne
and I give new birth to myself.

I am not the Child who trod the path of yesterday,
but I am Today.
I am she who is unborn
and the gods, with rose-bright countenances
are with me.

The Book of Coming Forth By Day

Goddess Het Heru (Mansion of Heru)
From the Hymn from the Temple of Heru at Edfu

All Hail! 
Jubilation to You, 
old Golden One!
Sole ruler, Uraeus of the Supreme Lord Himself!
Mysterious One who gives birth to the divine entities,

Forms the animals, models them as She pleases,
fashions men
O Mother!
Luminous One who thrusts back the darkness,
who illuminates every human creature with Her rays,
Hail! Great One of many Names!

You from whom the Divine Entities come forth in this Your Name of Mut-Ast!
You! Who Cause the Throat to Breathe,
Daughter of Ra!
Whom He spat forth from His mouth in this Your Name of Tefnut!
O Neith who appeared in Your barque in this Your Name of Mut!
O Venerable Mother!
You who subdues Your adversaries in this Your name Nekhbet!

Oh You 
Who knows how to Make the Right Use of the Heart!
You who triumphs over your enemies in this Your name of Sekhmet!
You are the Golden One! 
The Lady of Drunkness of Music and of Dance
of Frankincense 
of the Crown of Young Women 
Whom men acclaim because they love Her!
It is the Gold of the Divine Entities who comes forth at Her season
the month of Epipi, the Day of the New Moon, at the Festival of “She is Delivered” 
Heaven makes Merry, the Earth is full of gladness, the Castle of Heru rejoices.

 Original Source: M. Alliot, Le Culte d’Horus a Edfou, pp. 491 sqq.

Earth embodies a metaphysical and material metaphor for the Souls initiation for Heart awakening, activation, action and ascension. Through the many cultural myths of good vs evil, of hero vs villain,  protagonist vs antagonist, duality of the psyche is played out in the world narrative and in our individual battles of the mundane (physical) and spiritual web of life. We are forced at some epic point in our lives to choose realities of good vs evil in the way we make our money and choose our means of survival (root chakra), give into sexual exploits or cheat our self esteem in how we negotiate our sexuality and sense of self (sacral chakra), forgive others who have wronged, betrayed or annihilated our hearts (heart chakra), and so on.

Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation

Yoga poses that help to open up and balance the Solar chakra are the 12 Surya Namaskara series:

Healing benefits of Surya Namasakra include boost in immunity, melanin activation, increased circulation, assisting in weight loss, increased flexibility, hair growth and hair health,  stronger core,  improved mental clarity, balance of emotions, strengthened digestive system, central nervous system,  brain health, heart, lung, hormonal health,  sexual disfunction, detoxification, and posture restoration.

Benefits Throughout the day

  • If performed at dawn, revitalizes body and ease of completing daily tasks
  • performed in afternoon, energizes body
  • performed at night, brings stronger sleep and relaxation to body and mind



Inner Sun Alchemy

Ancient India yogic practices use the Surya or Sun (Solar) mantra to activate and awaken the solar plexus chakra and bring balance to the energies associated with this chakra center.  Speaking words of power known as mantras assist in transforming thought and intention into form thus creating change. The Sun god Surya, the first planet in our solar system, is known to bestow wisdom, clarity of mind, and knowledge. Many yogis practice a Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara) which is a series of yoga postures at the rising of dawn to awaken and warm the body, muscles, tendons, and bring clarity to the mind and aura.  The Sun (Surya) mantra is thought to cure diseases of the eyes (vision) and skin (touch).  There are 12 Sun Salutation poses that match 12 Surya mantras that speak to specific intentions, planets, or deities to assist in transforming ones life.  It is said that one can offer fresh water in a copper vessel to the Sun each morning to change ones luck and bestow blessings of good health and wealth.


❥ The challenge is in the moment; the time is always now.
—James A. Baldwin

The Solar Plexus  bij (seed) sound is RAM the sound of inner fire power, wisdom and transformation.  It can be replaced with “I can” or “I do” with the visualization of sight, fire, light, or warmth in the belly raising to the heart and higher chakras.  The Breath of Fire can also be used in yoga and prior to meditation to restore energy and bring life into this energy center.

Mantra for Surya – Fire Energy

The 12 Names of Surya – the Sun
1) Om Maitreya nam-ah (The friend of all)
2) Om Ravaye nam-ah (Praised by all)
3) Om Suryaya nam-ah (The guide of all)
4) Om Bhanave nam-ah (The bestower of beauty)
5) Om Khagaya nam-ah (Stimulator of the senses)
6) Om Pushne nam-ah (The nourisher of all)
7) Om Hiranyagarbhaya nam-ah (The creator)
8) Om Marichaye nam-ah (Destroyer of disease)
9) Om Adityaya nam-ah (The inspirer)
10) Om Savitre nam-ah (The purifier)
11) Om Arkaya nam-ah (The radiant)
12) Om Bhaskaraya nam-ah (The illuminator)

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Surya Namaskar Mantras with Meaning (Sun Salutation)



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