Planets and Hours


Weekdays ruled by the planets:

Sunday – Sun
Monday – Moon
Tuesday – Mars
Wednesday – Mercury
Thursday – Jupiter
Friday – Venus
Saturday – Saturn


Colors ruled by planets:

Black – Saturn
Blue – Jupiter
Red – Mars
Yellow – Sun
Green – Venus
Orange – Mercury
Purple – Moon

Planetary hours ruled by planets:

1st Hour (Day) – Mars
2nd Hour (Day) – Sun
3rd Hour (Day) – Venus
4th Hour (Day) – Mercury
5th Hour (Day) – Moon
6th Hour (Day) – Saturn
7th Hour (Day) – Jupiter
8th Hour (Day) – Mars
9th Hour (Day) – Sun
10th Hour (Day) – Venus
11th Hour (Day) – Mercury
12th Hour (Day) – Moon

1st Hour (Night) – Saturn
2nd Hour (Night) – Jupiter
3rd Hour (Night) – Mars
4th Hour (Night) – Sun
5th Hour (Night) – Venus
6th Hour (Night) – Mercury
7th Hour (Night) – Moon
8th Hour (Night) – Saturn
9th Hour (Night) – Jupiter
10th Hour (Night) – Mars
11th Hour (Night) – Sun
12th Hour (Night) – Venus

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