Daeira – Underworld Agriculture Titan Goddess of The Eleusinian Mysteries

DAEIRA (Daira) – Okeanid Nymph, the Titan Spring Water Guide, the “Knowing One,”  Goddess & Mother of Demigod Eleusis

Titan mythology predates Olympian mythology because it originates prior to the first floods recorded in the Bile and other sacred texts dating in history and mythology. Further research shows that the Titans were second generation beings only after the Primordial Gods. Primordial Gods in Greek mythology were the “first born” primal gods and goddesses born from the Void of Khaos (Chaos) the Great Mother who preceded the Universe. Many of the early Greeks particularly the Athenians whose etymologic name is surprisingly not of Greek origin boasted of being aboriginal (autochthonian) Greeks and linked to ancestors of the Primordial age.

Sea animals (dolphins, hyppocampi). Amphora, red-figured Terracotta (6th-1st BCE), from Caniao. Greek Hermitage Museum

Titan mythology include Chthonian (Underworld)  gods and goddesses including Nymphs (nature spirits) split into 5 different groups; Naiades were the Oceanids associated with fountains springs and wells, the Nephelai were cloud nymphs, Leimonides were nymphs of the pasture, the Anthousai were the Oceanid nymphs of flowers, and the Aurai were nymphs of the water found in breezes. The ancient mysteries of the Underworld had a direct link to cults of knowledge of earthly Agriculture. The Eleusinian Mysteries were secret initiatory rites and priesthoods taught in ancient Greece in the town of Eleusis, West Attica in Southern Greece.

Okeanides. Paestan Red Figure Vase Painting – Greek Pottery C4th BC

DAEIRA is an Okeanid-nymph of the town in Eleusis in West Attika (Attica), (Southern Greece). She is a Titan Greek goddess of aboriginal origin of Eleusis of early ancient Greeks living in the region prior to the first flood.  She is associated with the Goddess Hekate (Hecate, The Triple Goddess), Kore (The Maiden), and Persephone (Core/Kore, which may have also been a titles. Daeira was also the mother of the first king of the town Eleusis giving birth to a Demi God or Goddess by the God Hermes or the first ruler of Attika Ogygus.

Greek Name Δαειρα Δαιρα
Transliteration Daeira, Daira (Latin)
Translation Learned, Knowing (daô)
Nymph Spring, Well, Guide
Significance Underworld Guide to Persephone
Prominence Birthed Eleusis (Town, King)
Origin Titan Nature Spirit
Established Goddess of Eleusinian Mysteries
Other Names Hekate, Kore (Ceres), Persephone, Aphrodite
Birthed Eleusis – Demi-God/ Goddess of Hermes  (father) or Ogygus (first ruler of (Boeotia) Attica also of the aboriginal (autochthonian) chthonian underworld primeval origin)



Eleusinian Mysteries, Bee, Demeter cult. Protectress of the Heart. Minoan Bee Goddess, golden plaque, British Museum. Found at Camiros, Rhodes, 7th century BCE. The Melissae, also known as The Thriae (also Thriai), a triad of divinatory Priestesses in ancient Greece, were originally Nymphs. The Thriae were able to see the future, interpret signs and omens provided by Nature and the Earth. They taught the God Apollo this art. Their names are Daphnis (Laurel), Kleodora (Famed for Her Gift) and Melaina (The Black).

Daeira was connected with the rites of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Her name means “Knowing One” or “Teacher” from the Greek verb daô which appears to connect her with the instruction of initiates in the secret knowledge of the Mysteries. The name Daeira was also an Eleusinian title of the goddess Persephone. Daeira may also have been identified with the Eleusinian Hekate who, according to some, was a consort of Hermes Khthonios (the Guide of the Dead). She may have been the Naiad of the town’s famous well, or springs, where Demeter first rested upon entering Eleusis.  (Source: http://www.theoi.com/Khthonios/Daeira.html)


The Dove, Sacred to Demeter also known as Ceres (Core/Kore) believed to be the founder of The Eleusinian Mysteries and an Agrarian cult goddess. Representing Earth, Harvest, Agriculture and Fertility. She is of the 12 Olympians (offspring of the Titans).

Parents Oceanus and Tethys
Loved by Hermes
Home Eleusis in Attica

DAEIRA (Daeira or Daira), that is, “the knowing,” a divinity connected with the Eleusinian mysteries. According to Pausanias (i. 38. § 7) she was a daughter of Oceanus, and became by Hermes the mother of Eleusis; but others called her a sister of Styx; while a third account represents her as identical with Aphrodite, Demeter, Hera, or Persephone. (Apollon. Rhod. iii. 847; Eustath, ad Hom. p. 648.)


Okeanid, Oceanus, Okeanos Khaos, Titan and Olympian Gods probably of Early Ancient Greek origin or *Tyrrhenians (Ancient Attica Etruscan Aboriginals)













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