Monday – Luna Sigils and Seals

Monday – ruled by Moon, Spirit of the Moon, Queen Luna


Zodiacal planetary magick can be used to invoke energy archetypes. The focus of planets can strengthen rituals with astrological intelligence, spirits, and visual numerological sigils and seals to lock in invocations or evocations. Zodiacal magick is a powerful tool to raise or influence human personality, events, circumstance, or program the subconscious mind to carry out the will of purpose. Planetary magick can be used along with incense, herbs, animism, visualization, gemstones, elements, sound healing, colors, focusing on deities,  and other energetic metaphors for specific archetypal energies.



Planet: Moon, Moon Phases
Element: Water
Potency: Lunar energy is great for divination and dream work and to counteract Sun and Mars influences.
Deities: Anu, Luna, Selene, Bast (Sun/Moon), Hecate, Artemis, Chandra, Diana, Thoth (Tehuti), Khonsu, Left Eye of Ra, Mawu (Dahomey), Neith, Isis (Ast), Osiris (Asr), Yemaya, Ixchel (Mayan), Mama Kila (Inca), Hermes,  Sin/Nanna (Sumerian), Yarik (Sumerian) Cerridwen,  Hathor, Hekate, Isis, Juno, Luna, Selene
Weapons/Power Elements:
Animals: Crabs, Shellfish, Dog, Seagull, Owl, White Peacock
Insects: moths, spiders
Gemstones: Moonstones, Carnelian, Aquamarine, Pearl, Clear quartz, Fluorite, Geodes, Selenite
Colors: Silver, White
Metals: Silver
Oils and Herbs: Almond, Clary Sage, Moonwort, Vervain, Willow Root, White rose, Birch, White Iris, Birch, Night Flowers, Lotus, Moonflower, Jasmine, Cucumber, Melons, Iris, Wild Yam, Milkweed, Passion flower, Agave, Willow, Poppy
Fruit: Melon, Lychee, Pear
Flowers: All White Flowers, Adder’s Tongue, Agave,
Alum Root, Hazel, Chickweed, Iris, Morning Glory, Mushroom, Passionflower, Peonies, Poppy, Purslane, White Rose, Watercress and Wallflower
Anatomy/Biology: Endocrine, Lymphatic System
Tree: Almond, Bay, Coconut Palm, Hazel, Papaya and Weeping Willow
Magical Intentions: The ebb and Flow of magical power, all things domestic or about marriage, women in particular .Monday’s energy best aligns itself with efforts that deal with women, home and hearth, the family, the garden, travel, and medicine. It also boosts rituals involving psychic development and prophetic dreaming. Psychic Sensitivity, Women’s Mysteries, Tides, Waters, Emotional Issues, Agriculture, Animals, Female Fertility, Messages, Theft, Reconciliations, Voyages, Dreams and Merchandise,
Rulership: Navigation, ocean voyages, maritime trade, motherhood, fertility, children, the home, domestic issues, starting new ventures, enhancing psychic powers, astral travel, birth, clairvoyance, dreams, emotions, imagination, inspiration, intuition, secrets, sleep, women’s mysteries, reincarnation
Correspondences (positive): Clairvoyance, Psychic Gifts,  Goddess Energy, Women, Astral Travel, Intuition, Emotions, Sleep, Reincarnation, Rebirth, Subconscious, Divine Feminine, Hidden Intentions, Dreamwork
Correspondences (negative): Delusion
Elements: Water /Yin (emotion, purification, action, destruction, dreams, subconscious mind)
Number: 3, 2, 7, 9, 81, 369, 3321
Hours ruled the day: 1st and 8th hours of the day. 3rd and 10th hours of the night
Zodiac Signs: Cancer
Tarot Card: Moon, High Priestess
Music Note: F
: Yesod (Edon, 4th Dimension, Sexual Organs, Ethereal body, Engergetic/vital body)
Hebrew Letter: Gimel
Hebrew Name: Levannah
Teaching Angel: Gabriel
Alternate Names: Abruel, Gabrielus (Latin), Gavri’el ( Hebrew), Jibril or Jibrail ( Arabic) and Serafili
Hour of the Moon:
 for doing things that are likely to change or are not intended to be permanent or binding, for increased intuition or imagination, for all domestic activities, for deep subconscious work/programming, Moon Phase work
Planetary Hour Magick Intentions: travel, receptivity, the sea, reproductive issues, fertility, cycles, psychiccommunicating and speaking with spirits, recovery of stolen property, for obtaining nocturnal visions, for summoning spirits in sleep, and for preparing anything relating to water, embassies, voyages, envoys, messages, navigation, reconciliation, love, the acquisition of merchandise by water (Source: Key of Solomon, Grimoire)
Angels of Moon: Abariel, Abuzohar, Anixiel, Aub, Azarel, Chasmodai, Devoekia (Devachiah), Elemiel, Elimiel, Geliel, Hasmodai, Iciriel, Iaqwiel, Kyriel, Mah, Malach Be, Missaln, Nottchiel (Notchiel or Netoniel), Ofaniel, Onafiel, Ophaniel, Pagiel, Parasiel, Phul, Pi-Joh, Qafsiel, Schioel, Sophiel, Trarasib, Tzedeqiah, Vaol, Vehiel, Vevaphel, Yahel, Yahriel, Yakadiel, Yashiel, Zedechia
Mansions of the Moon: Alnath , Allothaim or Albothan, Achaomazon or Athoray, Aldebaram or Aldelamen, Alchatay or Albachay, Alhanna or Alchaya, Aldimiach or Alarzach, Alnaza or Anatrachya, Archaam or Arcaph, Algelioche or Albgebh, Azobra or Arduf , Alzarpha or Azarpha, Alhaire, Alchuveth-Arimet , Azimeth or Alhumech, Agrapha or Algarpha, Azubene or Ahubene, Alchil, Alchas or Altob, Allatha or Achala,Hycula or Axala, Abnahaya, Abeda Albeldach, Sadahacha, Zodeboluch or Zandeldena, Zabadola or Zobrach, Sadabath, Sadalabra or Sadalachia, Alpharg or Phragal Mocaden, Alcharya or Alhalgalmoad , Albotham or Alchaley

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