Ast, Auset, Isis – Great Goddess of The Throne & Magic

Ast, Auset (Isis)

Goddess of The Throne, Agriculture, Magic, Motherhood, Queenship



Aset, Ast also known as Isis is one of the oldest goddesses of the ancient and modern world, only after Sekhmet and Het Heru (Hathor). Ast means “the throne” or “seat” and her hieroglyph was that of a throne. In early Kemetic tradition, it was the Matrilineal or Matriarchal bloodline that determined and/or appointed the King. She is the original Mother Mary and Black Modanna suckling the Baby Jesus or Heru.  She is the Divine Teacher of Agriculture restoring nature, seed and fertility to Earth.

The cult of Isis, the Egyptian goddess, was very popular throughout Egypt, and beyond and she became a goddess of almost limitless attributes. Isis was her Greek name, but she was known to the ancient Egyptians as Aset (or Ast, Iset, Uset), which is usually translated as “(female) of throne” or “Queen of the throne”. Her original headdress was an empty throne and as the personification of the throne she was an important source of the Pharaoh’s power (as descent was to some degree matrilineal). However, the exact meaning of her name is still disputed. Plutarch suggested that her name meant “knowledge” but another possible translation is “(female) of flesh”, i.e. mortal, suggesting that although she was the Queen of the Gods, she had once been a mortal woman. This certainly fits with the mythology surrounding the Ennead which state that Isis and her husband, Osiris, had actually ruled Egypt before the time of the pharaohs. However, the Book of the Dead describes her as “She who gives birth to heaven and earth, knows the orphan, knows the widow, seeks justice for the poor, and shelter for the weak” suggesting that she was considered to be more than simply a mere mortal. Isis was known as “Hent” (Queen) in every Nome, but she was also known by a bewildering number of names and titles throughout ancient Egypt and took on the aspects of many other goddesses. This resulted in a fairly complex relationship with the other gods and goddesses.

Original Mary, Isis (Ast ) Ancient Egypt

Original Mary, Isis (Ast ) Ancient Egypt

Isis knew the secret name of Ra, which gave her an incredible amount of power. The Pyramid Texts imply that Isis prophesised the murder of Osiris (although she was unable to prevent it) and her power even extended beyond the grave. At her insistence Anubis and Thoth devised the first ritual of mummification to give Osiris life after death and she herself managed to magically concieve her son Horus by hovering over the body of her dead husband. She was one of the four protector goddesses (along with Bast, Nephthys, and Hathor, or Nephthys, Selket and Neith) who protected the sarcophagus and the Canopic jars (which contained the internal organs). It was thought that she helped the deceased on their difficult journey into the afterlife and she was sometimes named as one of the judges of the dead.

Her priestesses were skilled healers and midwives, and were rumoured to have magical powers. Like the priestesses ofHathor the could interpret dreams, but they were also thought to be able to control the weather by braiding or combing their hair (a superstition which was common in many later seafaring cultures). During the Ptolemaic period she was linked with Astarte as the patron goddess of sailors as it was hoped that she would provide a favourable wind. Her loyalty to her murdered husband and infant child, her courage in defying Set and her warmth and compassion towards all people (evenSet) made Isis one of the most beloved goddesses in Egypt, and indeed the ancient world. (source: Ancient Egypt Online



Mut Ast

Kamitic: Auset
Canaanite: Gabri-El
Kabastical: Yesod
Yoruba: Yemaya
Indus Kush: Dhumavati

Sphere: 9
Planet: Moon
Day: Monday
Color: Sea Blue
Number: 7
Gems: Pearls, Moonstone
Time of Year: Sidereal Full Moon in Cancer
Hekau: Spiritual: Dhum, Vam
Planetary: Aung Shrang Shring Shraung

Spiritual Direction: East
Emotional Traits: Caring, Motherliness, Conservative, Benevolent,Sweet Mannered, Comfort Loving; Wants Security

Careers: Mother,Wife, Domestic Life, Midwives, Nurses, the Masses, Sailors, Teachers of Children,Farmers, Servants,Millers, Dealers and Workers with Liquid.



Goddess who is Mother of All,
Queen of the Deep Sea,
Protectress of women –
Allow your presence to be known throughout this sacred space.
We who call upon you as Yemaya
Our Mother, Our Womb of Creation,
ask that your love rolls and washes over us as the waves of the ocean,
as the rivers from your breasts.
Yemaya, Mother Whose Children are Fish
You who are comfort, inspiration, and forgiveness
We call you forth to enter our hearts.

Note: Although Yemaya the Orisha version of the Goddess Auset is observed on
Saturday, the modern Ausar Auset religion observes Aset’s day on Monday. 

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